Darren Espanto Can't Resist Chowking's Siomai Chao Fan!

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June 5, 2024
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Chowking officially welcomes singer and actor, Darren Espanto to the family, as he joins the Wok-Sarap Experience with the delicious Siomai Chao Fan. 

With his 10th-anniversary concert fast approaching, it seems all good things are coming together for Darren. “I’m happy to join the Chowking family and try something new from the usual food choices with Siomai Chao Fan,” said Darren. “Of course, with the recommendation of my bestie, Kim Chiu, I’m excited to invite everyone to try this kakaibang wok-sarap!”

“We’re very happy that Darren tried and loved Siomai Chao Fan’s kakaibang wok-sarap!” said Jia Du, Chowking PH’s Marketing Head. “We’re very excited to invite those who haven’t tried the product to try it — we know this will also be their new favorite and bias!”

With Filipinos enjoying this kakaibang wok-sarap meal, Chowking’s Siomai Chao Fan continues to be part of everyday moments, connecting people by providing a delicious detour to share goodness.

Chowking is hinting at future surprises to keep their fans excited. Stay tuned for updates on Darren’s upcoming projects with Chowking!

For more information about Chowking, visit www.facebook.com/ChowkingPH (Facebook) and @ChowkingPH (Instagram).

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